shiny pokemons for items / event pokes

Reminder that I’m still trading my shiny pokemons for items / event pokes!
List of pokemon left for trade is here:

I decided to use only own bred shinies, so I have following shinies for trade:

Nicknameable (I’m OT):
wild: Nosepass x3, Swablu x2, Trevenant, male Nidoran x11, Foongus x5, Seviper, Weepinbell x2, female Nidoran x2, Ninjask, Wingull x2, Beartic x3 (damn you Frost Cavern I just wanted one Bergmite…), Gligar, Spinda x3 Exeggcute, Jynx, Stunky x7, Mime Jr., Gulpin x2, Floatzel, Zangoose x2, female Burmy, Plusle, Minun, Scraggy
safari: male Snorunt, Crawdaunt, Jigglypuff x2, Swalot, Xatu, Lillipup x4, Minccino x4, Aipom x2, Emolga x1, Cascoon, Chansey

Not nicknameable Kalos-born: Glalie (safari), Gigalith, Umbreon (bred), Joltik, Froslass (safari), Heliolisk (bred), Blastoise (with nickname), Chandelure, Dragonite (with nickname), Amoonguss, Vullaby, Swablu, Golurk, Metagross

not Kalos-born: Chandelure x2, Sandile (lvl 100 lol), Litwick x2, Seviper, Jynx, Togepi, Seedot, Gligar, Persian, Samurott, Gengar, Hitmonlee, Toxicroak, Absol, Charmander

not Kalos-born in masterballs (I guess those are hacked or pokegenned, but maybe someone will love those anyway): Buneary, Abomasnow, Zorua lvl 100, Sneasel

None of my shinies were cloned (those who are multiple were caught multiple while quest to caught all possible horde shinies or while hunting on another shiny on this route/safari). I don’t know if not mine were cloned or not - I got them from trades, so I don’t know their past.

What I want in return: non-pokeball/masterball female Cyndaquill (I already have Dive Ball Totodile, just in case), Ability Capsule, Sachet (5 Sachets per 1 shiny), Whipped Dream (5 WDs per 1 shiny), event pokemon (any).
please no other offers.

Message me if interested in! Offer is valid before April 20.


those weird angel things are so cute i wanted draw them endlessly 


those weird angel things are so cute i wanted draw them endlessly 





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